SOFTWeb® fully connects your online store with a native mobile application (iOS & Android) based on Pocketwarp technology. M-Commerce PWApp solution achieves the absolute connection of your online store with mobile commerce. As a result the management of mobile content and feautures of the applications is succeeded via the administrative environment of your e-shop. That way, there is no additional administrative cost as well as a time-consuming learning and familiarity of a new administration panel, for the mobile apps, is eliminated.

Take advantage of the functionalities that mobile applications offer and acquire the most direct marketing tool for your online business. Your customers, after downloading the m-commerce application of your online store, will be able to receive your notifications (push-notifications) informing them directly about your news and offers.

With M-Commerce PWApp you can accelerate your e-shop’s sales. Give your consumer the chance to taste an easy and pleasant navigation at your M-Commerce via his/her smartphone or/and his/her tablet. Additionally by adopting ‘M-Commerce PWApp’ you will improve your e-shop’s appearance rank at Google’s results by utilizing the new data and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements for a higher search engine’s hierarchy.

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Mr. Petros Amanakis representing Softweb at Thessaloniki Summit 2018 Dinner with Prime Minister of Greece, Bulgaria… https://t.co/KUmkLj1J0y
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