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Thanks to the significant increase of smart phone devices and tablets, mobile applications have become a part of our everyday life as well as a powerful tool on the tourism sector. SOFTWeb® has been awarded the AppWards 2013 award (the most prestigious Greek mobile application awards) at the ‘Travel and Tourism’ category for PWApp Milos Travel Guide which was developed based on the PocketWarp technology.

The primary goal for developing a tourist guide mobile application (travel guide) for smartphones and tablets, is the added value of the offered services of each enterprise or organisation associated with tourism.

Indicative functionalities included in ‘Travel guide PWApp’ solution are the following:

  • Design according to your preferences and Apple & Android interface Guidelines
  • Augmented Reality functionality.
  • Enabling ‘Accommodation’ viewing. (eg hotels, hostels, lodgings, etc)
  • Enabling ‘Entertainment’ choice. (eg bars, restaurants etc )
  • Enabling ‘Suggestions’ viewing.
  • Enabling ‘Sites’ viewing. (eg museums, archaeological sites etc)
  • Enabling ‘Activities’ information. (eg excursions, cultural activities etc)
  • Enabling ‘Events’ viewing. (eg theatre plays, festivals, exhibitions etc)
  • Enabling ‘Information’ viewing. (eg useful telephone numbers, means of transport etc)
  • Enabling ‘Beaches’ viewing.
  • Viewing ‘points of interest’ accompanied with text and photographic material.
  • ‘The City’s News’ viewing.
  • Search’ functionality.
  • Photo zoom functionality.
  • Enabling unlimited categorizing.
  • Enabling local weather viewing and four days forecast.
  • Viewing video.
  • Calendar’ functionality for events and activities.
  • Enabling ‘points of interest map’ and navigation via GPS.
  • Enabling adding the ‘points of interest’ in ‘Favourites’.
  • Enabling connection with Trip Advisor etc.
  • Enabling information of the user for news/announcements via push notifications.
  • Enabling notification to other people.

The product is completely dynamic and can be parameterized or be enriched with new functionalities according to your needs.

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Mr. Petros Amanakis representing Softweb at Thessaloniki Summit 2018 Dinner with Prime Minister of Greece, Bulgaria…
Mr. Petros Amanakis representing Softweb at Thessaloniki Summit 2018 Dinner with Prime Minister of Greece, Bulgaria…
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